Mastercard - Frequently Asked Questions

Debit Mastercard - Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving your new MasterCard

Why is Lubbock National Bank upgrading from Visa to MasterCard?

We are upgrading your debit card to offer more benefits to you!

What do I do with my Visa debit card?

When you receive your new debit MasterCard in the mail, follow the instructions on the sticker to activate it, notify any merchants that draft your card automatically (like insurance companies, gyms, Netflix, iTunes, etc.) of your updated card information, and then destroy your Visa card.

Will my Personal Identification Number (PIN) remain the same?

Yes, for your convenience you can continue to use the same PIN as before.

I didn't request a new card, so why did I receive a new MasterCard?

Lubbock National Bank is upgrading all of its debit cards to MasterCard, so any customer with a current Visa debit card will receive a debit MasterCard with a new number.

If I have multiple accounts and therefore receive more than one card, how will I be able to tell which checking account it is linked to?

Simply call customer service at 888-607-4277. A representative will be happy to assist you.

Will my Visa debit card continue to work after my debit MasterCard has been activated?

No. Your Visa debit card will be closed automatically when your debit MasterCard is activated.

Using your new MasterCard

I have recurring/automatic payments set up with my Visa debit card. What do I need to do?

Contact the payee and provide them with your new debit MasterCard information.

Can I use my new debit MasterCard at ATMs?

Yes! Just like your Visa debit card, your new debit MasterCard can be used at ATMs to get cash, check a balance, or make a deposit (where available).

I use my Visa debit card at MoneyPass ATMs to withdraw cash from my account surcharge-free. Will I be able to do the same thing with my new debit MasterCard?

Yes. You can continue to use your new debit MasterCard at over 18,000 surcharge-free MoneyPass ATMs worldwide. You can find MoneyPass ATMs using the free MoneyPass app, available on iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Will my existing custom image appear on my new debit MasterCard?

Unfortunately, no. As part of the mass reissue, your new debit MasterCard will have a stock card design. However, if you would like to have us recreate your custom card, you may submit your request online and we will create the card for you at no additional cost.

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