Lead sponsor Lubbock National Bank Presents $25,000 Check to Historic Cactus Theater

Lead sponsor Lubbock National Bank Presents $25,000 Check to Historic Cactus Theater

Lubbock National Bank presented a $25,000 check to the Cactus Theater Thursday to help it continue to bring entertainment to Lubbock and make improvements to the Depot District’s historic theater.

The bank is the theater’s lead sponsor.

“Lubbock National Bank is committed to our community and helping make it a better place and we’re so excited about the work the Cactus Theatre has done in bringing music, theater and movies to the public. We’re just honored to be a small part to help,” said Randy Laycock, LNB senior vice president.

Darryl Holland, Cactus Theater owner, said donations like these keep the theater going.

“Without the corporate support you just couldn’t make it. This is a good day for us. Any community support we have beyond the ticket sales is what makes it work,” he said.

“We’re not a nonprofit, but for all intents and purposes we are and so it takes that extra sponsorship and community to make it happen. I’m excited about where we’ve been in just two and a half years, we’ve made a lot of improvements,” Holland added.

He talked about new carpet, paint, enhancements to the stage, sound and projection equipment, and stone work.

The next step, Holland said, are new seats – with cupholders – he hopes to get done this year. “The Cactus Theater is the only historic theater left in Lubbock. All the others were torn down or repurposed,” he said of the 1930s-era theater.

“So it’s critical we keep it going – our history, our heritage is connected to these historic buildings. And the entertainers who have come through these doors is legendary so it’s my thrill and my honor to keep it going and keep entertainment coming to Lubbock,” Holland said.

The theater’s history is also important to the bank.

“Lubbock National Bank has been here more than 100 years and so we think it’s important to hang on to these to these type of facilities that have the history of Lubbock. We feel very strongly about about supporting institutions such as this and keeping it alive and going strong,” said Laycock.

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