LNB Brings Lunch to Busy CPA Firms on Tax Day

LNB Brings Lunch to Busy CPA Firms on Tax Day

Jimmy Pendergrass of CRI CPAs and Advisors

About three dozen CPA firms in Lubbock had lunch delivered by a team of Lubbock National Bank officers and employees so they could keep working to meet Monday’s tax deadline.

“We know how hard our CPAs all over Lubbock work, especially today – tax day – the last day to file taxes. So we like to support them and recognize the good work they do for our entire community,” said Randy Laycock, senior vice president.

It’s the fourth or fifth year the bank’s done this, he said.

“We look forward to it. It’s fun to out to get to see those people and give a little help to them on a busy day,” said Laycock.

Jerry Hoover said it’s a day a lot of CPAs don’t have time to eat lunch so the sandwich platters and more are welcomed.

“I really appreciate Lubbock National Bank and this kind gesture on tax day with the lunch they’ve provided us and thanks for thinking of us,” he said.

Hoover’s been an LNB customer “for as long as I can remember. I’ve never banked anywhere else. I credit them with a large degree of success I’ve been able to attain. I have many friends at the bank and recommend them to anyone who asks.”

Jimmy Pendergrass, partner with CRI CPAs and Advisors took a quick break from tax forms to say thanks.

“We appreciate the kindness Lubbock National Bank shows us on this very challenging day when there’s a lot of activity going on and allows us to keep working,” he said.

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