QB Sack

Photo courtesy of the Lawrence Journal-World.
Texas Tech defenders sack a Kansas quarterback
earlier this season.

Lubbock National Bank steps up to help Ronald McDonald House in many ways, including QB sack program

Every time the Texas Tech defense sacks an opposing quarterback, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Southwest gets a boost and Lubbock National Bank gets an assist.

This is the 15th year Ronald McDonald House has partnered with Texas Tech football on the program.

People can pledge a $1 or more per sack.

For more information and to pledge, click here
Or call (806) 744.8877.

At the end of the season, the charity sends them an invoice based on their pledge and the final number of sacks.

Coach Kingsbury

“Our defense takes pride in getting to the quarterback each and every Saturday. While each sack helps us on the field, we’re also fortunate to know it will help families in need at the Ronald McDonald House. This is a great cause for many in West Texas,” said Kliff Kingsbury, Tech’s head coach.

Bank’s involvement

Lubbock National Bank is one of Ronald McDonald House’s corporate partners with a $10,000 a year commitment – half of that going to the Quarterback Sack program.

“The bank is always interested in any organization that helps families and children – and Ronald McDonald House’s mission hits that very well,” said Randy Laycock, LNB senior vice president. “If you can keep a family together it promotes healing. It’s very dear to us because we’re a family organization.”

Besides the bank’s support, Laycock has served the charity on its board since 2008 and two years as board chair.

The house serves as a home-away-from-home for families of critically ill children who are receiving medical treatment in local hospitals. More than 400 families are served each year by the charity, whose service area covers a wide swath of West Texas.

One pledge: $1,000 a sack

Dina Jeffries, the charity’s president and CEO, said the highest pledge per sack has been $1,000 and the highest number of sacks in a season has been 26.

She said they cap the number of sacks at 25 unless someone wants to donate more.

People can also make a one-time donation.

However the money comes in, Audra Boedeker, the charity’s director of donor relations, said all funds “go directly to our chapter and stay here locally. People give local and it stays local.”

Tech players help other ways

About a dozen players attended a pediatric kick off party in the family room at Covenant’s Children’s Hospital.

“They came in jerseys and sweat pants and took a toy cart to the pediatric floor of the hospital. They signed autographs and gave t-shirts to the kids,” said Boedeker.

LNB ‘amazing friends and partners’

Jeffries and Boedeker had praise for the bank and Laycock.

“Lubbock National Bank are amazing friends and partners. It’s from (president and CEO) Eddie (Schulz) on down. They are one of our major donors. We opened our very first bank account with them 29 years ago. They invest in the community and not just in events. Their philosophy is to invest in their mission and we’ve learned from that,” she said.

“We had an amazing transformation on the board due to Randy’s leadership. The board is not as reserved and got to know each other more. He implemented board orientations. He implemented great policy changes on the governance committee. Randy is also a great sounding board,” Jeffries said.

Boedeker said, “Randy has been a wonderful ambassador of ours.”

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