Card Control App

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Easily manage all of your LNB and LNB debit and credit cards from your mobile device!

Here are all the things you can do:


Turn Card On/Off

If your card gets lost or stolen, you can disable it and then reactivate it with a single tap.

  • Just open the app
  • Select your card
  • Hit Lock Card
  • Quickly report a lost or stolen card.

Travel Plans

We get suspicious about far-away transactions, so inform us of your travel plans in advance.

  • Open the app
  • Tap Travel Plan
  • Let us know before you go!

*Travel Alerts for Credit Cards Coming Soon!


Real-Time Alerts

Control when and where your card is used.

  • Tap Alerts & Controls on your card

This helps you identify fraud as quickly as it happens.


Set Spending Limits

Manage spending by setting up daily purchase limits. Or choose the types of places—from grocery stores to gas stations—where the card can be used.

  • Start by tapping Alerts & Controls

Restrict Transaction Types

Limit eCommerce transactions on your card or keep it from being used for a phone order.

  • Tap Alerts & Controls on your card
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