Your Family Business Deserves a Family Bank.

Real estate assets can be an important component of your financial plan, demanding a good deal of attention in order to preserve and enhance your wealth. Whether you own farms, ranches, commercial property or residences, Lubbock National Bank can handle your ongoing property management responsibilities with the utmost in efficiency and professionalism.

  • Expert accounting for income collection, expense payments and processing of ad valorem tax payments
  • Recommendations for maintaining or enhancing value
  • Management team oversight
  • Analysis of tax implications related to holding, selling or improving assets
  • Management and oversight of sales, acquisitions and exchanges
  • Escrow agent services
LNB Manages:
Real estate in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, and Wisconsin
  • 125 Properties
  • 150,000 Acres
  • 125,000 acres of grass land
  • 25,000 acres farm land
  • 50 residential and 5 commercial/rental properties
Contact Asset Management:

(806) 378-8350 or (888) 607-4277