Cash Management Services

As a business owner, you're aware that one of your primary needs is the ability to manage cash flow and expenses as easily and stress-free as possible. We know how important that is, so we've developed an integrated suite of Cash Management Services to give you maximum control while preserving your peace of mind. Whether you do business in Lubbock or around the world, we can help you maximize returns, collect payments, manage payables, lower costs, and enhance productivity.

Cash Management Options for Small Businesses include:

Account Balance Reporting

  • Daily ledger and collected balances
  • Total debits and credits posted
  • Float spreads from deposits
  • All accessible by Bank Administration Institute (BAI) files, fax or via Business Online

Electronic Payment Services

  • Direct-deposit payroll
  • Prearranged payment for deposits and debits (PPD)
  • Cash concentration (CCD)
  • Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) (FEDI)
  • Early memo posting of Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) transactions
  • Payroll cards

Account Reconciliation

  • Positive pay
  • Check serial sort
  • Partial reconciliation
  • Full reconciliation
  • Check retention (check safekeeping)
  • Paid check images returned on CD or DVD

Account Disbursement Services

  • Controlled disbursement
  • Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs)
  • Payable Through Drafts (PTDs)

Daily Investments

LNB can monitor collected balances in your company's account daily, sweeping excess balances into our overnight investment program. The following day, the investment is credited back to your company's account.

Monthly Account Analysis

Each month, LNB can provide a detailed summary of your company's checking account activity, with analysis of your bank account usage, specifics on monthly activity totals, and expenses in dollars as well as collected balances.

Lock Box (Receivables Collection)

Available for both wholesale and resale customers, our lock box services offer an efficient way to convert account receivables into available funds.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Taking advantage of the latest check-clearing architecture, RDC allows you the convenience of electronically depositing checks, right from your office. 

Other Cash Management Services

  • Wire transfer
  • Money market accounts
  • Commercial depository
  • Cash and currency order

Positive Pay

  • Positive pay is a cash-management service employed to protect companies against altered checks and counterfeit check fraud. Lubbock National Bank uses positive pay to match the checks a company issues with those it presents for payment. Any check considered to be potentially fraudulent is sent back to the issuer for examination.
  • For example, ABC Company issues approximately 600 checks each Friday. After the checks are cut, ABC Company transmits a list of the checks that they issued (check number, dollar amount, payee, etc.). This list is sent to LNB via Business Online Banking. Later, when the checks are presented to LNB for payment, LNB matches each check presented against ABC's previously transmitted lists. If the presented checks' numbers and amounts appear on a previously submitted list, the check is sent through for payment. If both items do not match, the check is not cleared and ABC Company will be notified of the exception.

Required business organization papers will vary by company size and type. If you have questions about what is required, please contact us by phone at (806) 378-8093.


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