Lubbock National Bank has been taking care of local people since we opened for business in 1917. Our first location was right in the middle of downtown Lubbock, at the intersection of Main Street and Texas Avenue. Back then we went by a different name —Security State Bank and Trust Company—but our founders had a passion for serving the people and small businesses that were essential to Lubbock’s story.

Texas Tech opened in 1925 and the city was on its way to a population of 30,000 people, becoming the unofficial capital of the South Plains. That year, we changed our charter to Lubbock National Bank. As our city continued to grow, so did LNB. Before long, we had built multiple branches throughout the city and were headquartered in the eight-story LNB building downtown, not far from the location where we launched more than a century ago.

We began extending our reach outside of Lubbock in 1999 to serve customers in Central Texas, including Austin and College Station, and later Downtown Fort Worth in 2013. Then, in early 2019, we were given the opportunity to expand our focus on community service by merging with another thriving local bank: Amarillo National, the largest family-owned bank in the United States. We kept our original name. Today, Lubbock National continues to focus on the neighbors and local businesses that are so central to our story.

We’ve been here since 1917, Lubbock, and we are still here for you.

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