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I have questions about Same Day ACH

What is Same Day ACH?

Currently, ACH payments are settled on the next business day. With Same Day ACH payments will be settled on the day they are submitted as long as the effective date determines so. Additional changes related to Same Day processing are outlined below.

What types of ACH payments are eligible for Same Day processing?

According to NACHA, 99% of ACH transactions are eligible for Same Day processing. Only international transactions (IATs) and transactions above $1,000,000 are not eligible.

Will the current ACH processing schedule change?

No, Lubbock National Bank’s 5:00pm deadline will still be in place. Two new Same Day ACH deadlines will now exist; 9:00am with settlement occurring by 12:00pm, 1:15pm with a settlement occurring by 4:00pm, and 3:15pm with a settlement occurring by 5:00pm.

Is there an additional fee for originating Same Day ACH payments?

Yes, as this is a premium service, there is a different pricing schedule for Same Day ACH origination. Fees are $1.00 per transaction in addition to a $25.00 monthly fee.

How do I sign up for Same Day ACH?

Same Day ACH will be available to all ACH clients. Simply select today's date when initiating an ACH file within Online Banking.

Is the over $1,000,000 value limit applied to a single item or to a file?

The transaction limit of $1,000,000 applies to a single item, not a file. In addition, transactions may not be restructured or split to evade the $1,000,000 limit. For example, if a business has a loan payment of $1,050,000 due, that payment would not be eligible for Same Day ACH and should not be divided and sent as multiple Same Day entries in order to avoid the per-transaction dollar limit. Dividing a higher-value payment into separate transactions to get around this limit is an ACH rules violation.

What happens if a file submitted for Same Day settlement contains one or more item(s) over $1,000,000?

All items in the file will be processed, and the item(s) over $1,000,000 will be assigned the next business day’s settlement date, whereas the remaining items will receive Same Day settlement.

If I send a Same Day ACH payment for processing, when will my account be debited or credited for the ACH file?

If you originate a Same Day ACH Credit or Debit, your account will be debited or credited the Same Day you originate the transaction.

How important is the effective entry date?

With Same Day ACH, the effective entry date in your file is critical. Assuming the file is submitted by the appropriate deadline, it is the effective entry date field that triggers Same Day settlement for eligible transactions. The current processing day in the effective entry date field, is interpreted as an intentional indication of the desire for Same Day settlement whether the effective entry date field contains the current processing date, or is invalid or stale. NOTE: Items that settle before the recipient expects them are eligible to be returned as “unauthorized.” The originator is then required to obtain a new signed authorization to originate future transactions

How can I ensure items not intended for Same Day settlement are processed properly?

You should include a future date in the effective entry field to ensure future day settlement. ACH files created with today’s date and sent before 3:15pm CT may be processed as a Same Day ACH files, and applicable fees will apply

How do I change the effective entry date on my file?

If you use software to create a NACHA formatted ACH file, work with your provider to ensure the software applies the effective date either Same Day or Future Day depending on when you want your ACH files to process

If you use Business Online Banking to create a NACHA formatted ACH file, the system is ready. If you would like to originate Same Day ACH files, simply select the Same Day option when initiating a file.

What will happen if I continue to send Same Day or stale dated files and have no intention of sending Same Day ACH?

If your file is received prior to 3:15pm CST and has an effective date as the Same Day, it could be processed Same Day and you will be charged Same Day ACH fees. If you continue to send Same Day or stale dated files, you will be opted in for Same Day ACH so your files will process normally as Same Day ACH files

If I receive a Same Day ACH Credit or Debit, when will I see it in my account and how will I know it was a Same Day ACH?

Same Day ACH Credits and debits received to your account will post by the end of the bank’s posting day. You may see the transaction as pending in your account as soon as it is received by the Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI). The transaction will post to your account with the same type of transaction description and details as the ACH Credits and Debits that currently post to your account today

What happens if I send a Same Day File and didn't mean to?

Contact the bank right away to determine what options are available, such as deletion or reversal. In addition, contact the parties for which you sent the transactions to make them aware of the situation and confirm if they will accept the transaction


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