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Regardless of the size or scope of your business, keeping track of the financial details can be complicated. Lubbock National is here to help make things easier. With our powerful online banking platform, Business Online, you gain up-to-date access and immediate control for secure, simple cash management. Convenience and easy functionality are just a click away.

Please click the link below to access the required paperwork for setup. Once you have completed and signed, you can drop off the paperwork at any branch location or e-mail it to [email protected].

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What can you do with LNB Business Online?


Positive Pay

Prevent check forgery using Positive Pay, our cash-management program that saves thousands of dollars a year potentially lost from forged corporate checks.

  • We'll match the checks your company issues with those presented to us for payment.
  • Checks that don't match up are flagged for potential alterations or counterfeiting.
  • Flagged checks are returned to you for verification.
How does it work?

You provide us with a Positive Pay file that contains a list of checks you have created.  That file is imported into your Positive Pay profile.  As checks written by your company are received, they are compared against the list of check in the file.

How is a Positive Pay file created?

Most accounting system have the capability of the creating a Positive Pay file.  If yours does not and you have QuickBooks, please read about our Positive Pay Wizard program below.  It will integrate with QuickBooks to easily create a Positive Pay file for you to submit to us.

Positive Pay Wizard

Positive Pay is the best way for a business like yours to prevent check fraud. But for some customers, using the service could be time-consuming. Our new technology, Positive Pay Wizard , simplifies the process and saves you time and frustration. Here's how it works:

  • Positive Pay Wizard  automatically connects with QuickBooks*
  • It retrieves a customer's outstanding check issue data
  • It creates the check issue file in our format
  • It notifies you when the file is ready for upload
  • At your command, it places that file in a location you select

* Don't use QuickBooks? An import wizard will still help put your data into the right format.

Use Auto Export™ according to your schedule. You'll save time, increase revenue, and eliminate manual file preparation. To learn more, please inquire with your banking officer.

For more information on positive pay, please call (806) 349-9700 or 1-800-ANB-FREE (1-800-262-3733).

ACH (Automated Clearing House)


(ACH) Debit Origination/Cash Concentration

With Lubbock National Bank's ACH debit origination services, you can completely automate your collection process, making it quick and easy. Once your customers agree to have their recurring payments debited from their accounts, you simply generate an electronic file and transmit it to Lubbock National Bank for processing. Collected funds are then deposited into your account.

Lubbock National Bank's ACH debit origination guarantees accurate payments from your customers and enhances your credit management process. It also ensures timely receipt of those payments, so you can improve your ability to forecast cash flow.


ACH direct deposit saves your company the time and expense of producing paper checks for payroll, expense reimbursements, stock dividends, company bonuses, pensions, annuity and interest payments. With ACH direct deposit, your employees don't need to visit the bank to cash or deposit payroll checks.

Direct deposit can significantly reduce the risk of check fraud for your company, and eliminate the risk of check loss or potential fraud for your employees.

Please complete the ACH Service Agreement and the ACH Origination Application and mail the original to:

Lubbock National Bank
Attn: Darren Jenks
P.O. Box 1
Amarillo, Texas 79105

Be sure to keep a copy for your records. If you require expedited access, you may fax the forms to (806) 345-1657; however, you must still mail the originals.

Once your Agreement is approved, we will contact you through an e-mail or phone call indicating the system is ready for access.

Service Charging for ACH Customers


$25 per month if ACH is used

$.07 per item

Service Charging for Same Day ACH Customers


$25 per month if Same Day ACH is used

$1.00 per item

Bill Pay

Writing checks, buying stamps, licking envelopes? That's yesterday's news. Ditch the paper world with Online Bill Pay, which helps our customers keep their financial lives green, convenient, and hassle-free. The entire process is simple and secure—and absolutely free for all LNB checking account customers.

What can you do with LNB Online Bill Pay?

  • Intuitive Payment Assistant
  • Ability to establish payee categories
  • Pay anyone, anytime, all in one place - set up one-time or recurring payments
  • Avoid the hassle of writing and mailing checks
  • Stay on top of your budget and avoid late fees
  • Use the Payment Calendar to display scheduled and processed payments
  • eBills, get your electronic bills in Bill Pay from hundreds of billers
  • Email Alerts remind you of due dates and notify you when your payments have been sent

Online Loan Payments

Did you know you can schedule your loan payments online through Avoid the hassle of remembering due dates and writing checks. Avoid late fees. Save time and postage. Simplify your financial life! All it takes is setting up an easy transfer from your existing LNB account to your loan using secure online banking.

If you don’t have a checking or savings account with LNB but would still like to make your loan payment online, visit our secure web payment center.


Month after month after month, traditional bank statements generate clutter and use a lot of paper. There's a better way: LNB e-Statements. They're simple, secure, online versions of your bank statement—only sent digitally rather than through the post office. Reduce unnecessary paper usage. Save trees. Eliminate the hassle of sorting through and filing all those pages.

By doing so, you won't just be simplifying your financial life. You'll also be making it more secure. Most identity theft occurs when snail-mail is intercepted or paper information is improperly discarded. That's why identity theft experts recommend e-Statements over paper statements— they keep your personal data much more secure. Ours are protected by the state-of-the-art security of LNB Online Banking.

How do eStatements work?

  • Each month, LNB will send you an e-mail notification as soon as your bank statement is available online.
  • You can review your most current statement anytime, simply by logging onto LNB Online Banking.
  • You can also review images of all checks that have cleared your account to date.
  • Your e-Statement can even be printed or saved to your computer for your permanent records.
  • You can now view your statements through the LNB Digital Banking app.

Read Our eStatement Agreement

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