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The personal touch always matters, but in today's hectic, always-on world, speed and convenience matter more. With online banking, Amarillo National Bank makes it easy for you to access your accounts whenever you need them—at home, on the go, or on the other side of the world.

It's simple, sophisticated, and absolutely secure.

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What can you do with LNB Online Banking?

  • Monitor your LNB accounts at any time
  • Transfer money
  • Receive Account Messages via E-mail or Text (Normal cell phone rates will apply)
  • Download statements
  • Save time and postage by paying your bills online.
  • Check your LNB CD and loan statements and balances

Need to pay your loan online?

Do you have an Amarillo National Bank Checking or Savings account?

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Bill Pay

Writing checks, buying stamps, licking envelopes? That's yesterday's news. Ditch the paper world with Online Bill Pay, which helps our customers keep their financial lives green, convenient, and hassle-free. The entire process is simple and secure—and absolutely free for all LNB checking account customers.

What can you do with LNB Online Bill Pay?

  • Intuitive Payment Assistant
  • Ability to establish payee categories
  • Pay anyone, anytime, all in one place - set up one-time or recurring payments
  • Avoid the hassle of writing and mailing checks
  • Stay on top of your budget and avoid late fees
  • Use the Payment Calendar to display scheduled and processed payments
  • Make an Emergency same day payment to over 100 billers
  • eBills, get your electronic bills in Bill Pay from hundreds of billers
  • Email Alerts remind you of due dates and notify you when your payments have been sent

Fraud Prevention

Password Tips & Tricks from LNB

For years, LNB has worked with several cyber threat intelligence organizations and we are always actively monitoring cyber security and fraudulent activity. We want you know your money is safe and we will continue to make sure of that!

The best fraud prevention starts with you!
Be smart about security:

  • Pay close attention to your accounts. If you haven’t signed up for security and transaction alerts, this is a good reminder to do so.
  • Make sure your username is unique. Don’t reuse a name you use on another site.
  • Strengthen your password. Passwords like “password” or “123456” are easily guessed by cyber-thieves.
  • Keep PINs and security codes to yourself. If any call or message “from the bank” seems suspicious, hang up and call us back at 806-378-8000. We don’t mind.
  • Don’t open unknown links or attachments. Be on the alert when it comes to emails and direct messages.

Online Loan Payments

Did you know you can schedule your loan payments online through Avoid the hassle of remembering due dates and writing checks. Avoid late fees. Save time and postage. Simplify your financial life! All it takes is setting up an easy transfer from your existing LNB account to your loan using secure online banking.

Not enrolled in online banking? It’s simple. Start here.

If you don’t have a checking or savings account with LNB but would still like to make your loan payment online, visit our secure web payment center.

New Bank Statements Are Now Here!

  • Updated Look
  • Easy to Read
  • Summary of Accounts
  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Running Balance




“E”asy Access, “E”co-Friendly, “E”ven More Secure!

eStatements are convenient, eco-friendly and more secure than traditional paper statements. View your e-Statements 24 hours a day by enrolling in LNB e-Statements today.

Signing up for eStatements is easy:

  • Log in to Online or Mobile Banking
  • Select Settings
  • Select Statement Delivery
  • Confirm or add e-mail (you will need to repeat this step for each account)

To view your eStatements:

  • Log in to Online or Mobile Banking
  • From the main menu, select Services
  • Select Statements
  • From there you can select your account and the date of the desired statement to view

Login to Online Banking

Are eStatements Secure?

Most identity theft occurs when snail-mail is intercepted or paper information is improperly discarded. That's why identity theft experts recommend e-Statements over paper statements— they keep your personal data much more secure. Ours are protected by the state-of-the-art security of LNB Online Banking.

How do eStatements work?

  • Each month, LNB will send you an e-mail notification as soon as your bank statement is available online.
  • You can review your most current statement anytime, simply by logging onto LNB Online Banking.
  • You can also review images of all checks that have cleared your account to date.
  • Your e-Statement can even be printed or saved to your computer for your permanent records.
  • You can now view your statements through the LNB Digital Banking app.

Read Our eStatement Agreement

LNB Account Messages

The more you know, the better you can manage your money. With our free Account Messages service, stay on top of your personal checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, CDs and more. You choose an account activity you want to stay on top of—low-balance alerts, deposit postings, loan payment notices and more. Then, when one of those occurs, we'll notify you instantly by text, email, or push notification on your smart phone.

Note: If you need to make any changes please call (806) 378-8000 or 1-800-ANB-FREE (1-800-262-3733).

LNB Debit Card Text Alerts

Your account security is vitally important to us, which is why we are always monitoring the activity on your debit-card account. If any of your card’s spending patterns, locations, or transactions looks out of place, we’ll send you a quick text message. 

This fraud-alert text will report that something fishy might be going on with your account. It will ask if a particular purchase was authorized, and then require you to reply YES or NO.

Texts from us will NEVER ask you to enter account information.

If you’d prefer, you can also verify a purchase over the phone by calling (806) 378-8100 or 1-800-ANB-FREE (1-800-262-3733). If you don’t want to receive these texts, simply follow the instructions within the message to opt out of the service. Thanks!

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